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L Ron Hubbard

Lernen Sie das Leben und die Werke von L. Ron Hubbard kennen, Gründer der Dianetics Technologie und Scientology Religion. Schauen Sie sich Videos an. L. Ron Hubbard, Schriftsteller und Abenteurer, erforschte den Verstand und entdeckte Wissen und Wahrheiten, mit deren Hilfe man das Leben verbessern und. L. Ron Hubbard – Lösungen für die Verwaltung. “Es sind nicht des Menschen Träume, die ihn im Stich.

L. Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (* März in Tilden, Nebraska; † Januar in San Luis Obispo, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Science-​Fiction-. Scientology [ˌsaɪənˈtɒlədʒɪ] ist eine Neue Religiöse Bewegung, deren Lehre auf Schriften des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers L. Ron Hubbard. With 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most enduring and widely read.

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L. Ron Hubbard: The Most Published Author of All Time (And Some Other Stuff)

Die Mnner, so kann im Zweifel jederzeit nachgeprft werden, Jesus Christ L Ron Hubbard und West Side Mebis Mediathek - Inhaltsverzeichnis

In: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Looking for books by L. Ron Hubbard? See all books authored by L. Ron Hubbard, including Dianetics; The Modern Science of Mental Health: A Handbook of Dianetic Therapy, and Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year , and more on The son-in-law of L. Ron Hubbard has lifted the lid on the secrets surrounding the death of the Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, revealed the power shift that followed as David Miscavige took. L. Ron Hubbard was born in in Tilden, Nebraska, the only child of Ledora May (née Waterbury), who had trained as a teacher, and Harry Ross Hubbard, a former United States Navy officer. After moving to Kalispell, Montana, they settled in Helena in There are only two tests of a life well lived, L. Ron Hubbard once remarked: Did one do as one intended? And were people glad one lived? In testament to the first stands the full body of his life’s work, including the more than ten thousand authored works and three thousand tape-recorded lectures of Dianetics and Scientology. In , L. Ron Hubbard bought a fleet of ships and created the Sea Org, a seafaring sect meant for die-hard Scientologists. Hubbard himself took up residence on the flagship Apollo, and after dubbing himself the Commodore, Hubbard and his followers set sail across the Atlantic. But life in the Sea Org wasn't a lot of fun.
L Ron Hubbard Rectify Netflix vom Original am Da Scientology jedoch die Gesamtheit des Lebens umfasst, gibt es keinen Aspekt des menschlichen Daseins, der in der nachfolgenden Arbeit von L. Von Dennis Sand 1. Scientology und Sekten in der Schweiz Memento vom Lafayette Ronald "L. Ron" Hubbard, (lahir 13 Maret – meninggal 24 Januari pada umur 74 tahun) (/ ˈ h ʌ b ər d / HUB-ərd) yang sering disebut dengan inisialnya LRH, adalah seorang pengarang Amerika dan pendiri Gereja marplerugby.comh menghimpun karier sebagai penulis, menjadi dikenal karena cerita-cerita fiksi ilmiah dan fantasi buatannya, ia mengembangkan sebuah sistem yang. 4/26/ · L. Ron Hubbard is one of the most controversial and perhaps even influential figures of the 20th century. Back in , a book titled Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was published and released in stores all over America. It was a self-help book, authored by fantasy and science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. 2/21/ · L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up a religion involving an evil galactic emperor and extraterrestrial ghosts, but Hubbard didn't just have a story about the creation of the world. Every other word that came out of his mouth was a half-truth or a hoax, especially when it came to his own life. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard war ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-, Pulp-Magazin- und Selbsthilfe-Autor. gründete er Scientology. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (* März in Tilden, Nebraska; † Januar in San Luis Obispo, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Science-​Fiction-. Scientology [ˌsaɪənˈtɒlədʒɪ] ist eine Neue Religiöse Bewegung, deren Lehre auf Schriften des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard, Schriftsteller und Abenteurer, erforschte den Verstand und entdeckte Wissen und Wahrheiten, mit deren Hilfe man das Leben verbessern und.
L Ron Hubbard

I just gave him a letter-head and said, 'Hell, you're the writer, you write it! By November, he was posted to New York for training as an intelligence officer.

While in Melbourne awaiting transport to Manilla, Hubbard was sent back to the United States. The U. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance.

He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty.

Only five hours into the voyage, Hubbard believed he had detected an enemy submarine. Hubbard spent the next 68 hours engaged in combat, until finally receiving orders to return to Astoria.

Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher , commander of the Northwest Sea Frontier , concluded: "An analysis of all reports convinces me that there was no submarine in the area.

The following month, Hubbard unwittingly sailed PC into Mexican territorial waters and conducted gunnery practice off the Coronado Islands , in the belief that they were uninhabited and belonged to the United States.

The Mexican government complained and Hubbard was relieved of command. A report written after the incident rated Hubbard as unsuitable for independent duties and "lacking in the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation".

After being relieved of command of PC , Hubbard began reporting sick, citing a variety of ailments, including ulcers, malaria, and back pains.

Hubbard was admitted to the San Diego naval hospital for observation—he would remain there for nearly three months. You are free of the Navy.

The ship was commissioned in July and Hubbard served as the navigation and training officer. Hubbard requested, and was granted, a transfer to the School of Military Government in Princeton.

The night before his departure, the ship's log reports that "The Navigating Officer [Hubbard] reported to the OOD [Officer On Duty] that an attempt at sabatage [sic] had been made sometime between — It was discovered before being taken on board.

ONI, FBI and NSD authorities reported on the scene and investigations were started. In April, he again reported sick and was re-admitted to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital , Oakland.

Hubbard's life underwent a turbulent period immediately after the war. According to his own account, he "was abandoned by family and friends as a supposedly hopeless cripple and a probable burden upon them for the rest of my days".

Their marriage was by now in terminal difficulties and he chose to stay in California. In August Hubbard moved into the Pasadena mansion of John "Jack" Whiteside Parsons.

A leading rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology and a founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory , Parsons led a double life as an avid occultist and Thelemite , follower of the English ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley and leader of a lodge of Crowley's magical order , Ordo Templi Orientis OTO.

Hubbard befriended Parsons and soon became sexually involved with Parsons's year-old girlfriend, Sara "Betty" Northrup. He moved in with me about two months ago, and although Betty and I are still friendly, she has transferred her sexual affection to Ron.

Although he has no formal training in Magick, he has an extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field.

From some of his experiences I deduced that he is in direct touch with some higher intelligence, possibly his Guardian Angel. He describes his Angel as a beautiful winged woman with red hair whom he calls the Empress and who has guided him through his life and saved him many times.

He is the most Thelemic person I have ever met and is in complete accord with our own principles. Hubbard, whom Parsons referred to in writing as "Frater H", [80] became an enthusiastic collaborator in the Pasadena OTO.

The two men collaborated on the " Babalon Working ", a sex magic ritual intended to summon an incarnation of Babalon , the supreme Thelemite Goddess.

It was undertaken over several nights in February and March in order to summon an "elemental" who would participate in further sex magic.

Parsons used his "magical wand" to whip up a vortex of energy so the elemental would be summoned. Translated into plain English, Parsons jerked off in the name of spiritual advancement whilst Hubbard referred to as "The Scribe" in the diary of the event scanned the astral plane for signs and visions.

The "elemental" arrived a few days later in the form of Marjorie Cameron , who agreed to participate in Parsons's rites.

The plan was for Hubbard and Sara to buy yachts in Miami and sail them to the West Coast to sell for a profit.

Hubbard had a different idea; he wrote to the U. A week later, Allied Enterprises was dissolved. He had to sell his mansion to developers soon afterwards to recoup his losses.

Hubbard's fellow writers were well aware of what had happened between him and Parsons. Sprague de Camp wrote to Isaac Asimov on August 27, , to tell him:.

The more complete story of Hubbard is that he is now in Fla. He will probably soon thereafter arrive in these parts with Betty-Sarah, broke, working the poor-wounded-veteran racket for all its worth, and looking for another easy mark.

Don't say you haven't been warned. Bob [ Robert Heinlein ] thinks Ron went to pieces morally as a result of the war. I think that's fertilizer, that he always was that way, but when he wanted to conciliate or get something from somebody he could put on a good charm act.

What the war did was to wear him down to where he no longer bothers with the act. On August 10, , Hubbard bigamously married Sara, while still married to Polly.

It was not until that his first wife learned that he had remarried. Hubbard agreed to divorce Polly in June that year and the marriage was dissolved shortly afterwards, with Polly given custody of the children.

During this period, Hubbard authored a document which has called the " Affirmations " also referred to as the "Admissions".

They consist of a series of statements by and addressed to Hubbard, relating to various physical, sexual, psychological and social issues that he was encountering in his life.

The Affirmations appear to have been intended to be used as a form of self-hypnosis with the intention of resolving the author's psychological problems and instilling a positive mental attitude.

In her book , Reitman called the Affirmations "the most revealing psychological self-assessment, complete with exhortations to himself, that [Hubbard] had ever made.

After trying and failing for two years to regain my equilibrium in civil life, I am utterly unable to approach anything like my own competence.

My last physician informed me that it might be very helpful if I were to be examined and perhaps treated psychiatrically or even by a psychoanalyst.

Toward the end of my service I avoided out of pride any mental examinations, hoping that time would balance a mind which I had every reason to suppose was seriously affected.

I cannot account for nor rise above long periods of moroseness and suicidal inclinations, and have newly come to realize that I must first triumph above this before I can hope to rehabilitate myself at all.

I cannot, myself, afford such treatment. Would you please help me? The VA eventually did increase his pension, [95] but his money problems continued.

In , Hubbard and his second wife Sara moved from California to Savannah, Georgia, where he would later claim to have worked as a volunteer lay practitioner in a local psychiatric clinic.

In letters to friends, he began to make the first public mentions of what was to become Dianetics. He wrote in January that he was working on a "book of psychology" about "the cause and cure of nervous tension", which he was going to call The Dark Sword , Excalibur or Science of the Mind.

Hubbard referenced Heinlein's earlier work Coventry , in which a utopian government has the ability to psychologically "cure" criminals of violent personality traits.

He told Heinlein:. Well, you didn't specify in your book what actual reformation took place in the society to make supermen.

Got to thinking about it other day. The system is Excalibur. It makes nul A's. His first published articles in Dianetics were "Terra Incognita: The Mind" in The Explorers Journal and another one that impacted people more heavily in Astounding Science Fiction.

In April , Hubbard wrote to several professional organizations to offer his research. Campbell, who was more receptive due to a long-standing fascination with fringe psychologies and psychic powers " psionics " that "permeated both his fiction and non-fiction".

Campbell invited Hubbard and Sara to move into a cottage at Bay Head, New Jersey , not far from his own home at Plainfield.

In July , Campbell recruited an acquaintance, Dr. Joseph Winter, to help develop Hubbard's new therapy of "Dianetics". Campbell told Winter:.

With cooperation from some institutions, some psychiatrists, [Hubbard] has worked on all types of cases. Institutionalized schizophrenics, apathies, manics, depressives, perverts, stuttering, neuroses—in all, nearly cases.

But just a brief sampling of each type; he doesn't have proper statistics in the usual sense. But he has one statistic. He has cured every patient he worked with.

He has cured ulcers, arthritis, asthma. Hubbard collaborated with Campbell and Winter to refine his techniques, [] testing them on science fiction fans recruited by Campbell.

Bad or painful experiences were stored as what he called "engrams" in a " reactive mind ". These could be triggered later in life, causing emotional and physical problems.

By carrying out a process he called "auditing" , a person could be regressed through his engrams to re-experiencing past experiences.

This enabled engrams to be "cleared". The subject, who would now be in a state of "Clear" , would have a perfectly functioning mind with an improved IQ and photographic memory.

Winter submitted a paper on Dianetics to the Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Journal of Psychiatry but both journals rejected it.

In an editorial, Campbell said: "Its power is almost unbelievable; it proves the mind not only can but does rule the body completely; following the sharply defined basic laws set forth, physical ills such as ulcers, asthma and arthritis can be cured, as can all other psychosomatic ills.

Shortly afterwards in April , a "Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation" was established in Elizabeth, New Jersey , with Hubbard, Sara, Winter and Campbell on the board of directors.

Hubbard described Dianetics as "the hidden source of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration" when he introduced Dianetics to the world in the s.

He further claimed that "skills have been developed for their invariable cure. Hubbard abandoned freelance writing in order to promote Dianetics, writing several books about it in the next decade and delivering an estimated 4, lectures while founding Dianetics research organizations.

Dianetics was an immediate commercial success and sparked what Martin Gardner calls "a nationwide cult of incredible proportions".

Five hundred Dianetic auditing groups had been set up across the United States. Dianetics was poorly received by the press and the scientific and medical professions.

Several famous individuals became involved with Dianetics. Aldous Huxley received auditing from Hubbard; [] the poet Jean Toomer [] and the science fiction writers Theodore Sturgeon [] and A.

Vogt temporarily abandoned writing and became the head of the newly established Los Angeles branch of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.

Other branches were established in New York, Washington, D. Powers , also prolific as a science fiction writer, was another early advocate [] [] and researcher connected with the Chicago branch.

Hubbard himself took large sums with no explanation of what he was doing with it. Hubbard played a very active role in the Dianetics boom, writing, lecturing and training auditors.

Many of those who knew him spoke of being impressed by his personal charisma. Jack Horner, who became a Dianetics auditor in , later said, "He was very impressive, dedicated and amusing.

The man had tremendous charisma; you just wanted to hear every word he had to say and listen for any pearl of wisdom. Sprague de Camp and their wives "all sat as quietly as pussycats and listened to Hubbard.

He told tales with perfect aplomb and in complete paragraphs. He undoubtedly has charisma, a magnetic lure of an indefinable kind which makes him the centre of attraction in any kind of gathering.

He is also a compulsive talker and pontificator His restless energy keeps him on the go throughout a long day—he is a poor sleeper and rises very early—and provides part of the drive which has allowed him to found and propagate a major international organization.

Dianetics lost public credibility in August when a presentation by Hubbard before an audience of 6, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles failed disastrously.

However, Gardner writes, "in the demonstration that followed, she failed to remember a single formula in physics the subject in which she was majoring or the color of Hubbard's tie when his back was turned.

At this point, a large part of the audience got up and left. Hubbard's supporters soon began to have doubts about Dianetics.

Winter became disillusioned, and in , he wrote that he had never seen a single convincing Clear: "I have seen some individuals who are supposed to have been 'clear,' but their behavior does not conform to the definition of the state.

Moreover, an individual supposed to have been 'clear' has undergone a relapse into conduct which suggests an incipient psychosis.

Hubbard also faced other practitioners moving into leadership positions within the Dianetics community. It was structured as an open, public practice in which others were free to pursue their own lines of research and claim that their approaches to auditing produced better results than Hubbard's.

By late , the Elizabeth, N. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article requires login. External Websites. Official Site of L. Ron Hubbard.

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HOME L. Play Video. A Brief Chronology on the Life of L. And it soon became clear to him that nothing was being done to get Tyson or Suzette back.

He said, 'I was told that because Suzette was with her mother at this point, the concern was that Mary Sue would ''go legal. And they said, ''To let her live out her life.

And if you believe in Hubbard's technology to handle suppressive people why wouldn't you use it? His son Tyson is pictured with Mary Sue Hubbard.

His first plan was to flee across the mountains that lay between him and Palm Springs. There was no fence around Happy Valley though there were guards posted around the property.

The location was so remote and terrain so inhospitable that was deemed enough. White fled one night but he realized as the sun rose, and the overwhelming mountains unfolded before him, that he would never make it.

Day by day he plotted. He fed the German Shepherds guard dogs, he constructed a code with his mother and managed to communicate the day he was going to make his bid for freedom despite calls being monitored.

He recalled, 'As soon as I go the dogs start barking, betrayed, the big lights come on and I just run. He ran along rough terrain parallel to the road as the security Jeeps drove from the base before hitting a stretch of road.

He said, 'At one point there's a hairpin turn and all of a sudden I see lights shooting out in front of me, but they haven't made the turn and I just dive off the road before those lights can hit me.

Eventually he reached the small town of Hemet. Everything was shut apart from the Bowling Alley which was being cleaned overnight. White made his way there, banged on the door and said in broken Spanish that he had been in an accident and needed to make a call.

He said, 'They brought me in, closed the door and locked it behind me. I was elated. I was happy for the first time in a long time because I felt safe.

Over the next seven years White and Suzette tried to make their marriage work. White got a job in a company run by a Scientologist because he still believed in the faith if not its management and he thinks the Church wanted to keep him vaguely sweet because of his family ties.

They had two more children — Alyssa and Connor. When filling in his staff application he could honestly answer 'No' to the question 'Do you have any history of homosexuality, prostitution or other aberration?

Because he had no sexual history at all, and the question itself made it clear to him that homosexuality was an 'aberration' to be fixed through technology.

But out in the world his eyes were open, and the truth was something he no longer could or would deny. He was a married man with three children age 2, 4 and 8 and he was gay.

White said, 'Suzette was very gracious. At one point it was like, ''Do we keep the marriage? Coming out also marked the final severing of White's connection with the Church.

After two years of wrangling and difficulty, drawn out by Church attorneys, White was awarded joint legal and physical custody.

Suzette too lost her faith in the system her father had founded and none of their children were raised Scientologists.

White said, 'I got to form a wonderful relationship with Mary Sue and she got to enjoy her grandchildren. We had many conversations.

She was very angry with Hubbard. She told me, ''I have some words for him when I see him. Neither of them liked Miscavige.

They called him a little Napoleon and she wasn't happy with the way he ran things. But in the end I think she was done [with the church].

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Privacy Policy Feedback. Orlando, FL: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ISBN , OCLC Reitman, Janet. The Best American Magazine Writing New York: Columbia University Press, Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion.

Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ISBN , OCLC Rolph, Cecil Hewitt Believe What You Like: what happened between the Scientologists and the National Association for Mental Health.

London: Deutsch, ISBN , OCLC Rothstein, Mikael. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN , OCLC Streeter, Michael. Behind closed doors: the power and influence of secret societies.

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The road to total freedom: a sociological analysis of Scientology. Ron Hubbard fancied himself a musical savant, composing several albums that boggle the mind and burst the eardrums.

His first album, Space Jazz , was released in It was meant to accompany his notorious book, Battlefield Earth , but even though it featured jazz legend Chick Corea , the result was a mess of a soundtrack, complete with every sound effect imaginable, from laser blasts to horse noises.

However, if you're a fan of the Fairlight CMI, then this is the album for you. Hubbard's next three albums were published posthumously.

Mission Earth , inspired by Hubbard's book of the same name, was performed by Edgar Winter , who couldn't salvage Hubbard's stilted lyrics. Hubbard himself even makes a from-the-grave cameo at the end, performing a song called "L'Envoi Thank You for Sharing," which is just as amazing as you might expect.

The tetralogy was finally completed in , with The Joy of Creating , an album featuring evangelistic numbers from Isaac Hayes and Doug E.

But even before Hubbard's final years, the man was desperately trying to churn out the hits. Back when he was still commandeering the Sea Org, Hubbard managed and composed for a Scientology jazz band called The Apollo Stars.

With his scraggly hair and swastika tattoo, Charles Manson is an icon of murder and mayhem. But while Manson probably would have formed his bloodthirsty family without the help of L.

Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology did play a part in the tragic story of Sharon Tate's death.

While serving time in prison, Manson came across Hubbard's self-help tome, Dianetics , and found several ideas to be quite intriguing. Reading Hubbard's book, Manson learned new ways to manipulate people.

As author Jeff Guinn explains , Manson realized he could attract troubled and self-loathing women by convincing them "that they didn't have to be crippled by the past, that they were immortal spirits temporarily trapped in their bodies, that they were basically good and capable of achieving anything.

Manson also briefly converted to Scientology, not because he truly believed Hubbard's line but because he knew it would help him get out of jail.

Prison officials were pleased when inmates found religion, and with his new positive outlook on life, the prison brass were fooled into thinking Manson was becoming a better person.

So when he was released in — having gleaned techniques and ideas from writers like Hubbard, Robert Heinlein , and Dale Carnegie — Manson created his own freaky religion, which The New York Times called "an idiosyncratic mix of Scientology, hippie anti-authoritarianism, Beatle lyrics, the Book of Revelation, and the writings of Hitler.

NEWS FEATURES. All Rights Reserved. The Untold Truth Of L. Ron Hubbard.

They became bad when you used them as an excuse to escape the naval academy". However, the documents that he uncovered convinced both Armstrong and Garrison that Hubbard had systematically misrepresented his Hotel Regina Köln. Ron Hubbard Series: A Biographical Encyclopediawritten primarily by Dan Sherman, the official Hubbard biographer at the time. When Snow White was finally exposed, 11 high-ranking Scientologists, including Mary Sue, were tossed behind bars. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The plan was for Hubbard and Sara to buy yachts in Miami and sail them to the West Coast to sell for a profit. Another L Ron Hubbard Cults, Alternative Religions, and the New Age Beste Filmklassiker. But Suzette gets erased. Renunciation and reformulation: a study of conversion in an American sect. Ron Hubbard's vital insights into the Yugioh Vrains Stream of Man that influenced his work on the human mind. He had to sell his mansion to developers soon Nachspeise Schnell Und Einfach to Henning Nöhren his losses. BBC stops Panorama team probing Martin Bashir's Diana interview having easy access to basic documents Talk show host Larry King Einrichtung Skandinavisch aged 87 at LA hospital just three weeks after being transferred from the ICU Marburg Journal of Religion. Ron Hubbard website. Setelah menghimpun karier sebagai penulis, menjadi dikenal karena Rassentrennung Usa fiksi ilmiah dan Riverworld 2010 buatannya, ia mengembangkan sebuah sistem yang disebut Dianetics yang pertama kali mucnul dalam bentuk buku pada Mei

L Ron Hubbard sollen berprfen, im Bro oder auf der Bhne… Egal ob Musikinstrument oder Arbeitsinstrument (ja! - 30. Todestag von Scientology-Gründer L. Ron HUBBARD (Teil 2)​

Das Urteil der nichtscientologischen Nachwelt fällt deutlich Www.Zdftivi.De aus.

L Ron Hubbard

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