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Hardware Blog

Read writing from Hardware Blog on Medium. Test-Berichte, Reviews und Kaufberatung zu den aktuellsten Notebooks, Desktop-PCs. Munich, Germany. Wenn Sie Informationen, Testberichte, Kaufberatung oder Preisvergleiche zu Smartphones, Notebooks, Tablets. PC-SPEZIALIST | Blog | Beiträge zu Hardware & Software | Hardwareprodukte | ✓Gadgets ✓Smartphones ✓Multimedia-Notebooks.

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Aktuell, fundiert und übersichtlich: Hardware Inside berichtet über Grafikkarten, CPUs, Das von YuuKi-AnS auf der chinesischen Micro-Blogging-Seite bilibili. Munich, Germany. Wenn Sie Informationen, Testberichte, Kaufberatung oder Preisvergleiche zu Smartphones, Notebooks, Tablets. De seneste tweets fra (@HardwareBlogDe). Hallo! Mein Name ist Armin. Ich betreibe die Website - Dort findest​.

Hardware Blog Windows Hardware Certification Video


Hardware Blog In unserem heutigen Test sehen wir Verena Pooth die zwei Lüftersets Inter-Tech Argus LED-Set RS und RS an. Technische Daten: 24,1 Zoll Plasma Widescreen PVC-Monitor Dolby Digital 5. Mit diesen drei Tipps bleibt ihr cool. HWCert-Migrated on AM. Follow Computer Weekly on Facebook and Twitter. BrandPost Sponsored by iMyFone. Follow Computer Wie Entsteht Leben Inc. Kompaktes PC-Gehäuse. HP hat sich bei seinem Pavilion-Gaming-Desktop TGng für ein zeitgemäßes, kompaktes Gehäuse entschieden. Der Rechner ist nicht annähernd so extravagant oder protzig wie die meisten Gaming-PCs heutzutage. Dafür besticht er durch sein modernes, minimalistisches Desgin. 12/15/ · News and more about hardware products from Microsoft, including Surface and accessories. alexyc in Welcome to the new Windows Hardware Certification Blog space! on Hello:About UEFI GOP mode testTopology Selection:• UEFI must reliably detect all the displays that are connected to the POST adapter. The Pre-OS screen can only bedisplayed on a display connected to the POST adapter.•In case multiple displays are detected.

Windows Server vNext LTSC base Requirements changes related to Security. The Requirements related to Trusted Platform Module, UEFI and Secure Boot, needed for certification of systems for Windo Now accepting Windows 10, version submissions.

Windows 7, Windows Server and Windows Server R2 submissions after end of Extended Support. Windows 7, Windows Server and Windows Server R2 driver submissions for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Prog Windows 10, version release WHCP.

Relaxing the enforcement of new InfVerif validation checks. Welcome to the new Windows Hardware Certification Blog space! Welcome to the new Windows Hardware Certification Blog!

Windows Compatible Product List is now live! HWCert-Migrated on AM. First published on MSDN on Dec 17, We are happy to announce today that the Windows Compatible Product List is now L Schedule Custom Reports for your Driver Failure Details.

First published on MSDN on Oct 08, Using APIs to pull your driver failure details just got a lot easier.

Accepting Windows 10, version and Windows Server submissions. What do you think happened here? Comments: 73 WWYD? Vestibule Pair For aesthetic purposes, a change is being considered to the configuration of this swinging pair of doors — each leaf would be increased from 36 inches wide to 62 inches wide.

Comments: 16 WWYD? One side of this device is attached to the door with double-sided tape, and the other side is magnetic.

Have you seen a modification like this before? Comments: 7 Webinar Follow-Up Thank you to those who attended the live webinar last week! The webinars page has been updated with the recording, a list of resources, a short survey, and information about Webinar 2!

Single-User Restrooms People often ask whether occupancy indicators are required by code on single-user restrooms. I finally have an answer — and a question that I would love to hear your thoughts on….

Have you ever seen any documentation on these plastic loops? Almost 5 years later, questions are being raised about safety. Comments: 4 WW: Scary Signs Reminder: I will be presenting Webinar 1 — Code Changes Affecting Classroom Security tomorrow at 11 AM and 2 PM Eastern!

Comments: 5 Updated FDAI Cards and a label question The new fire door inspection cards have been updated, and they will be printed and laminated soon!

Thank you for your patience! I also have a label question for you. Comments: 37 WWYD? Comments: 8 Traveling Door I think that a traveling door is a great way to teach people about the fire-protection benefits of a closed bedroom door — what do you think of the idea??

Comments: 7 WW: Medical Office Egress When you complain about U. I created a new page on the Topics menu which addresses the accessibility requirements for operable hardware, and that got me thinking…are there other common issues that should have their own pages?

This makes awareness of your surroundings even more critical. Comments: 1 School Security in the News Some new resources on school safety and security are available, including documents from BHMA and NASFM, a story from NPR, and two federal websites.

Comments: 2 WWYD? Round Vision Light Should the mounting location for a round light be at 43 inches above the floor?

Or lower to allow more viewing area? Comments: 15 WW: OSHA Fines for Blocked Emergency Exits OSHA requires emergency exits to be kept clear, to allow workers to exit quickly in an emergency.

Failure to comply can result in seriously large fines. Comments: 5 Fire Door Inspection Cards Do you use our laminated fire door assembly inspection cards?

I could really use your help! Comments: 38 Museum Exit I have to admit, it was kind of cool to have someone send in a photo of a door they had seen, when it turned out that the door was on a project that I wrote the hardware spec for!

Comments: 10 WW: Back Door Have you watched the Six Locked Doors documentary yet? And yes, this door has an exit sign.

Comments: 8 UHO — Unidentified Hardware Object Anybody know what this is? Temporary Vestibules Are the doors on these temporary vestibules required to meet the requirements of the codes and standards?

If not, why not? And if yes…why are most of them non-compliant? Comments: 4 Decoded: Barricade Devices and the ADA March My next Decoded article explains why it is important for the ADA and all adopted codes and standards to be considered when choosing security products.

Let me know if I missed anything! Comments: 7 WW: Just No I can not for the life of me think of any circumstances that would make me consider locking egress doors in a school using this method.

Just no. Comments: 4 FDNY Commission Daniel Nigro on Up Close Yesterday, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro spoke with Bill Ritter on the show Up Close about recent fires that occurred in NYC, where open doors had a negative impact on safety.

Magnetic Holder The story here is that the cross-corridor doors in this hospital were scheduled to be 8-foot doors, but the wrong 7-foot assembly was installed.

Could you quickly operate this door in an emergency? Comments: 10 Two Kitchen Fires Fire, panic, and other emergencies can strike anywhere, any time.

To offer the highest level of protection, buildings must be code-compliant everywhere, all the time. Comments: 1 Six Locked Doors — Watch it.

This documentary should be required viewing — not just for those of us who are involved in codes, but for anyone who enters buildings that means everyone.

Comments: 6 FF: Another Electrified Hold-Open Restaurants are notorious for creative hardware applications…next time you go out to eat, look around at the doors and send me some photos!

Comments: 4 Paul Timm: How to Best Invest Your Security Dollars The new year and some rest over the holidays has renewed my resolve to continue educating school districts and others about the dangers of some types of retrofit security devices….

Comments: 1 WW: Chinese Restaurant Exit This Chinese restaurant has 30 tables, which means that the occupant load is probably over people — definitely over Do you know where to find the mounting recommendations for knowing-act switches?

I know I have, but the end result can be so rewarding! Comments: 13 Happy Holidays! Elevator Lobby — Water Intrusion When trying to prevent water intrusion at the fire service elevator lobby doors, what type of door sweep or door bottom meets the intent of IBC Section ?

Why does convenience so often win out over safety?? Which one supersedes the others? And which AHJ has the final say?

Times have changed. Comments: 3 Door Security and Safety: Continuing the Conversation video I recently shared an announcement about a webinar with 5 panelists who discussed school safety and classroom security.

Comments: 1 FF: Angled Opening Check out this opening, installed on a ramp in a restaurant. The building was originally a warehouse for a grain mill and other materials shipped by train during the mids.

What other examples of post-construction changes do you commonly see? Comments: 6 FF: Clamp Hold-Open The creative solutions never end! All-Glass Sliders Originally, these doors did not need to lock, but that has changed, and the architect is looking for a way to add code-compliant locks to the doors which have already been installed.

Can you top it? You can submit photos using the option on the Tools menu. Comments: 11 QQ: Auto Operator Timing What are the required opening speed, closing speed, and hold-open time for a low-energy automatic operator?

What about a vestibule situation with sequential operation? Comments: 7 Free Webinar — Door Security And Safety: Continuing the Conversation This is going to be a great webinar!

There is a fabulous line-up of presenters with an incredible depth of experience and insight to share. This pair of doors serves a 9, seat auditorium, and the man on the right appears to be from the fire department.

Comments: 3 Update: Projections Into the Clear Opening Height What do you think about this change that has been approved for the International Building Code?

Does it clear things up nicely, or does it cause concerns regarding accessibility? Unfortunately, if this is a fire door the purpose of the fire door assembly has been completely defeated.

Comments: 11 WWYD? Wood Door Damage I need some help from any wood door experts out there…any theories on what might have caused the horizontal lines on these wood doors?

The other exterior doors have the same security measure in place. Comments: 14 Apply It: High School Music Classroom Try applying your knowledge of the International Building Code to a real-world example…can you answer these 4 questions about the egress requirements for this high school music classroom?

Comments: 4 Extraneous Fire Door Assembly Labels If a door or frame has a label indicating that is is fire rated, is the assembly required to be maintained and inspected as required by NFPA 80 and NFPA ?

A proposed code change offers a clarification. Keep the WW and FF photos coming! Comments: 10 Locksmith Ledger: Codes Matter — For the Safety of Building Occupants, AND Your Bottom Line This article was published in the October issue of Locksmith Ledger, and includes some questions that you can use to determine whether your code knowledge is up-to-date.

Comments: 2 QQ: Do all fire exits have fire exit hardware? Do all fire exit doors have fire exit hardware? Comments: 6 NFPA Journal — Learn Something New: Dynamic Exit Signs What will the future of exit signs look like?

Do they need an upgrade using new technology? Thank you to Kim Murkette of Isenhour Door for the photo! Are you headed to Cleveland this week for the DHI ConNextions conference?

I hope to see you there! Gender-Inclusive Restrooms Shared restrooms that are not segregated based on gender are becoming more common in schools, universities, and other types of facilities.

Comments: 13 FF: Whatever Works Kick-down holders prohibited in most commercial locations are meant to flip down and hold the door open. This one is being used for a different purpose.

Comments: 18 Decoded: Two Releasing Operations for Egress December My next Decoded article covers the tentative interim amendment — TIA , which revised NFPA in order to allow 2 releasing operations to unlatch existing classroom doors.

Comments: 1 Training Opportunity with AIA and DHI credit!! Not this time…. Corrosion to the Max Any idea what is corroding or oxidizing inside of this door — and to this extent??

Comments: 41 WW: More Zip Ties I can almost understand how trash cans get placed in front of exit doors, but the semi-permanent use of zip-ties is hard to take.

Comments: 13 Doors Provided for Egress Purposes People ask me all the time…Do ALL doors have to meet the requirements of the IBC? How do you differentiate between an egress door and a non-egress door?

Comments: 6 FF: Screws It warms my heart that in the last 10 years, the number of people who actually notice these problems and often do something to resolve them has increased significantly.

Comments: 8 Latch-Side Clearance Remember the photo I posted Tuesday — of the exit door from the fast-food restaurant? Comments: 1 WW: Slammer Spring Maybe rules really are made to be broken?

Which code requirements are being violated with this creative Wordless Wednesday installation? Comments: 12 Minimum Egress Width What do you think about the width of the aisle leading to this restaurant exit — is it sufficient?

And can you spot the other code issue with this door? Read more…. Comments: 3 FF: Auditorium Exit How quickly we forget the lessons learned in tragic events such as the fires at the Iroquois Theatre and the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub.

If you see something, say something! Comments: 5 Classroom Lock Functions This new infographic aims to help clear some of the confusion about the various lock functions used on classroom doors.

Comments: 8 Washington Post: School shootings are extraordinarily rare. The statistical likelihood of a public school student being killed in a school shooting on any given day since was 1 in ,, Read more in the Washington Post….

Any theories? Comments: 5 WW: Extra Patient Room During a flu epidemic in , hospital staff was desperate to accommodate the patients needing treatment.

Performance-Based Option Do you know of any facility that is using the performance-based option for fire door assembly inspection?

I asked the Joint Commission about it…. Last call! And in addition to the randomly-selected winners of the 10th anniversary contest, I have a gift for someone who has been a loyal reader since the very beginning.

Are these exit doors easily identifiable? Comments: 15 SDI: Fire Door Assembly Video Have you ever wished for a short video that gives an overview of fire door assemblies?

The Steel Door Institute SDI recently released a 2-minute video that covers the basics. Comments: 5 WW: Assisted Living Fire Doors Imagine that you are moving your mom into an assisted living facility, and you notice that the door closer on every fire-rated apartment entrance door has been disconnected….

Comments: 31 Double-Cylinder Deadbolts Revisited Can a double-cylinder deadbolt be installed on a multi-stall restroom door in an office building?

Of course not! But wait…are you sure about that? At first, this looks like careless placement of a trash can….

Is there a reliable way to identify existing pivots? Are replacements for old pivots readily available?

Comments: 15 WW: Hole-y Moly! Comments: 21 Decoded: Thresholds and Changes in Level November My next Decoded column addresses the accessibility requirements for thresholds and changes in level at doorways.

If there is anything I should add, let me know before it goes to print! Comments: 15 Decoded: Celebrating 10 Years of Codes…and Beyond! Submit them and you might be a winner!

Comments: 15 Assembly Bill AB 44 Much of the testimony given at a recent hearing clearly outlines the reasons that barricade devices are not the optimal method of securing classroom doors.

Comments: 7 WW: Danger — Construction Zone We need to always be on the lookout for situations like these — our attention to these problems can affect the safety of building occupants.

Comments: 14 Close Before You Doze — Vote Now! I love using creative ways of getting a message out — especially when the message will likely save lives.

Check out these videos and VOTE! Comments: 11 What are you searching for? This door leads from the showroom area to the welding shop at The Iron Gallery in Rifle, Colorado.

Walk-In Closet Is the door serving a walk-in closet in an apartment or condominium required to comply with the means of egress requirements of the IBC?

Comments: 19 WW: NUMBER ?? Comments: 16 Celebrating 10 YEARS of iDigHardware! In Cloud. In a world where remote working is becoming ever more the norm, the opportunity that a home worker,….

Cisco Refresh — As good as new? In Networking. We have many terms that pretty much mean the same thing; 'Second User', 'Used', 'Pre-Owned', 'Second Hand' and….

How important is it to pre-stage infrastructure before deployment? In Pre-Staging. Intelligent Edge Resource Center.

IoT Devices tech community. FIND OUT MORE. Aber das Huawei Nova 5T hebt das ganze auf ein völlig neues Level. Nimmt man das Nova-Branding auf der Rückseite weg,.

Weiterlesen Huawei Nova 5T — Ein solides Smartphone für unter ,- Euro. Unser Test des HP Spectre afng stellt dies eindrucksvoll unter Beweis.

Aber HP hat bei der Gestaltung des Spectre 13 hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Weiterlesen HP Spectre afng — Schlankes und stylishes Notebook. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um die Nutzerfreundlichkeit zu verbessern.

Mit der weiteren Verwendung stimmst du dem zu. What are your thoughts on transitional? A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about kitchen styles.

You can read that blog by clicking here. These cabinets are ornate and detailed. For traditional cabinets use simple knobs. Choose curved knobs with small edges with some detail.

In a contemporary or modern kitchen, the cabinetry uses a flat panel. These cabinets are considerably less detailed than traditional cabinets. Unfortunately, we currently are unable to produce these modern cabinets.

The Top-Flight Blog includes topics on PC gaming, PC hardware, and PC Troubleshooting. Richmond, Virginia, United States About Blog Want to know about high-performance gaming and custom PCs?

The Velocity Micro blog provides all the information you need. Velocity Micro builds award-winning custom PC's for Gaming enthusiasts, designers, and businesses.

Design your system and enjoy lifetime US-based phone support. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States About Blog Tom's Hardware helps you buy the best hardware and build the best PC to play, create and work.

Discuss all the latest and hottest in news about hardware, software, and gadgets with your No. Turkey About Blog I have created this site to provide answers to popular IT-related questions.

Hardware Blog

Heute Abend treffen Marie und Jenny Hardware Blog Mitsuha Mal nachdem Hardware Blog aufeinander. - Infos zu Website

Nimmt man das Nova-Branding auf der Rückseite weg. News and more about hardware products from Microsoft, including Surface and accessories. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States About Blog Tom's Hardware helps you buy the best hardware and build the best PC to play, create and work. Discuss all the latest and hottest in news about hardware, software, and gadgets with your No.1 trusted source. Frequency 8 posts / day Blog Bloggers have been discussing hardware news in detail online for years, and these blogs and websites are where much of the online conversation is centered. Because of the ease of editing and updating blogs quickly as news happens, many of these blogs and websites cover hardware reviews and contemporary goings on. Hardware Adrian Kingsley-Hughes sifts through the marketing hyperbole and casts his critical eye over the latest technological innovations to find out which products make the grade and which. alexyc in Welcome to the new Windows Hardware Certification Blog space! on Hello:About UEFI GOP mode testTopology Selection:• UEFI must reliably detect all the displays that are connected to the POST adapter. Hilfreiche Tipps ✩ Test-Berichte, Reviews und Kaufberatung zu den aktuellsten Notebooks, Desktop-PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Fernseher & mehr. Aktuell, fundiert und übersichtlich: Hardware Inside berichtet über Grafikkarten, CPUs, Das von YuuKi-AnS auf der chinesischen Micro-Blogging-Seite bilibili. Blog von Carsten Knobloch (caschy): Web, Software, Hardware, Mobile Computing & Co. 28 likes. Auf findet Ihr viele interessante Testberichte zu den aktuellsten Notebooks, Smartphones, Tablets. Check out the video and scroll down for the words. LEARN MORE. FDNY Commission Daniel Nigro on Up Close. Single-User Restrooms. Mac Werkszustand Another Retail Exit. Comments: Hardware Blog SDI: Fire Door Inspection Checklist video The Steel Door Institute SDI just released a Elsdorf Kino video that covers Filmpalast:To annual inspection requirements for fire door assemblies. I guess someone needs to get out their Sharpie and add another note prohibiting wood wedges. Höhlenburg Stein Angled Opening. Browse All Community Hubs. For Marketers Doing blogger outreach or influencer marketing and want to connect with new influencers in niche markets? One More Allegion NFPA Journal — Learn Something New: Dynamic Exit Comödie Dresden 2021. Comments: 1 WW: Unsuccessful Access Attempt This lock was installed on a retail store, protecting an area with high-value merchandise. Be safe, and Close Before You Doze! Someone asked me recently why distributors are still ordering swinging fire doors with a neutral pressure fire rating.

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